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You gave me great feedback notes, and after polishing it up, I sent it off...  You were so encouraging when we met that I kept sending it out - without your enthusiasm I no doubt would have lost heart after the first few rejections. Anyways, this June, I found the Sir Peter Ustinov Screenwriting Award and remembered I had The Wolf and sent it off. Well, I got a call from the International Emmys and they told me I was the winner. They're flying me out to NYC to attend the gala. I'm absolutely stunned and wanted to say that I am so so grateful for the time you spent on that script... You had such a huge role to play in getting the script to the finished product, and I honestly can't express how grateful I am for that!  


Violet is in negotiations with an Australian production house to produce The Wolf.

I've had the pleasure of having my scripts read and gotten feedback from her and I found it really beneficial. Definitely recommend working with Katherine Anne.  Andrew

 Insightful, professional and encouraging, Katherine Anne creates a safe place to share your work while giving balanced and productive feedback on your project. Had a wonderful time working with her.  Mark

I really appreciate the conversation I had with Katherine Anne! There are so many essential information she taught me, such as some screenwriting techniques. I also have applied some screenwriting techniques to my new fantasy story. She is very generous for sharing them all. I also learned what I should do in future for career path development. Katherine is really helpful and generous!  Antonio

Katherine Anne knows how to write for the screen - PROPERLY. A skill which I think is integral to making a watchable product, once produced. Her thoughtful and constructive criticism helped me really fine-tune what I was trying to say, and more importantly HOW I said it. My film has screened all over North America and secured 10 festival screenings and counting (for some very esteemed festivals). I am confident that the film's success is highly due to the fact that there was a very solid script at the core and foundation of my film. I would not have been able to craft such a strong script without her.  Aisha

Katherine Anne combines no-holds-barred critique with the belief that even the most half-baked ideas can reach their potential. Her dedication and notes have been indispensable.


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