Katherine Anne lead the We Make Movies Canada Script Incubator for five years and read scripts for a production company for over a year. She has trained as a script consultant with noted writing consultant Lucy V. Hay in London, England and learned script notation from UCLA's Corey Mandell. She has consulted on scripts for producers and writers at all levels in Canada, the US and the UK for nearly seven years. Many have gone onto production and won numerous awards and laurels for their writers. Our fees for her services are based on the writer's needs and means. They run from $100 - $1,ooo CAD. Please contact us for details.



Katherine Anne has always taken an interest in graduating and early-career writers of all ages. She has mentored writers with special needs at York University in Toronto and has worked with graduates from high schools, colleges and universities. Recently, she launched: I WROTE A SCRIPT. NOW, WHAT DO I DO? In a confidential, hour and a half consult, Katherine Anne will work with you to define the writing career you want and help you to plot a strategic and focussed path to achieve your goal. Among other things, she will introduce you to the current market and discuss building your brand and credits while protecting your legal rights. She offers insight into the value of festivals and competitions and looks ahead to agent representation.  Achieving screenwriting success is a long road, Katherine Anne's goal is to shorten your journey. Your consult is unique and may be longer than scheduled but the cost is a maximum $100 CAD depending on your situation at this time. Please contact us for more information and special offers.