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    TimeStory has seven screenplays and concepts in the works internationally including two features; BLOSSOMS, a romantic dramedy set in New York City and CINCO CANCIONES, a drama set in Spain.  Our five series pilots include LYDIA LOST, a time-travel/period piece set in London, England between 1935 and 1940; SHADOWS, a fantasy inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and set in modern-day New Orleans; SHEPHERD STREET, a period drama set in London from 1827-1986; GOD-BOT, a sci-fi drama set in multiple worlds and times. Finally, the series, UNTIL GOD DO US APART is a family sitcom set in Toronto and is written by Katherine Anne and Barbara de la Fuente, its creator.


       Both SHADOWS and UNTIL GOD DO US APART have been honoured with laurels and awards at film festivals, please see our LAURELS & AWARDS page for details.




       PICASSO'S GHOST is a magical-reality/time-bending piece about a relationship between the great misogynist painter and the only woman he couldn't seduce. It explores themes of self-esteem, victim culture and redemption. 

       CALLED AWAY is another magical-reality piece about a nurse who has spent a lifetime in war-torn countries and comes home to tend her dying mother whose final wish is that she find her long lost father. She honours her mother and searches for the man who deserted them when she was barely a teenager only to find an unexpected stranger and another version of herself at the end of her journey.  It explores themes of desertion, repression, anger, belief and transcendence.




      Katherine Anne's future projects include three features, ROMANCING ANTONIO, a romantic comedy of errors set in Europe. SOULBOUND, a fantasy/action/adventure set in China, its story is a ride from the dawn of civilization through to today. It's an idea that was born in Cannes during a conversation between a German producer in China and Katherine Anne which, like much of our work, fits TimeStory's international perspective. Closer to home, ROADKILL is a box thriller set in Newfoundland featuring a funeral, family secrets and a long-dormant serial killer ready to strike again if his identity isn't uncovered in time. 


    NEVERCHILD, is a drama centred on a Metis girl born at a residential school in rural Ontario in 1950. A prodigy, she is favoured by the headmaster, a brutal priest until she escapes him and his concentration camp school at the age of twelve. With the help of a teenage outsider, she finds her way to New York City and grows up into a new identity and life. She forgets her past and travels further, attaining stardom even as her former tormentor tracks her down to enforce penance before she rises beyond his reach.

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