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Katherine Anne Fairfoul is a life-long writer and creator of TimeStory Pictures.

An actor as well as a writer, she holds a Masters Degree in Text and Performance from the University of Arts, London, UK where she is currently based. 

She is a multi-genre writer working mainly on screenplays but also for theatre, radio and multi-media. Her work is largely female-led and always inclusive. Each piece addresses varied themes but, as one producer said, they are all, in the end, about love. 

TimeStory operates internationally. Based out of Toronto, Canada and London, England, the company works and collaborates with writers and producers from Canada to the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Los Angeles and China. It has a global vision and Katherine Anne's scripts bear that out.

TimeStory is not only a content producer, it is also dedicated to promoting beginning and emerging writers through consultation and coaching. Paying it forward is the moral code of the company.

Katherine Anne's characters and stories are rich, relatable, and above all, appealing to a wide commercial audience. 

Welcome to TimeStory Pictures. Enjoy the journey.

Our Founder

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